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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Forget Occupying Wall Street: Mom and Pop investors make a difference

I apologize profusely for a lapse in entries.  Though I did write another article a month ago about Occupy Wall St, the "we care" Washington Post felt that topic was no longer news worthy.   This alone however, does not justify my months of absence.  I've been absolutely run off my feet.  The following article in the Washington Post is my best explanation... basically the real estate market on the Westside of Los Angeles has woken from a two year sleep - and girlfriend gotta eat!

FORGET OCCUPYING WALL ST: Mom & Pop investors make a difference

LOS ANGELES, December 4, 2011— Speaking with a new acquaintance in May of this year, I asked, “So, where do you think the market goes from here?”
We’d enjoyed 26 months of a bull market with some modest pullbacks, all of which bounced perfectly off a delightfully ascending trendline. Without any tangible improvement in the economy, Wall Street had nonetheless decided stocks were worth a full 100% more than the lows hit back in March 2009. “We’re going up,” she said, leaving no room for debate.  “At least till the end of the year.”
“Really?” Like a horoscope junkie, I love checking what the so-called pros think. “Yep. Up.  Definitely up.”  Click here to read rest of the article